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  • 08/24/2015: Federal News Radio Highlights Progress in Disability Hiring

    In a recent interview, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management’s Special Adviser on Disability Programs Michael Murray spoke with Federal News Radio about the progress made in federal disability hiring since the issuance of Executive Order 13548 five years ago. 

    To view the article and listen to the interview, visit:

  • 08/20/2015: Diversify Your Workforce by Going Back to School - Become a WRP Recruiter!

    For students across the nation, September is the time to pack up the sunscreen and crack open the books.  If this time of year makes you nostalgic for the good ol' college days, you might want to consider how you too can go "back to school" - by becoming a Workforce Recruitment Program (WRP) recruiter! 

    As you likely know, the WRP connects federal employers - not just in Washington D.C., but nationwide - with highly motivated college students and recent graduates with disabilities who are eager to prove their abilities in the workplace through summer or permanent jobs.  Since 1995, more than 6,000 individuals have participated in the WRP, many of them going on to become full-time federal employees.  As such, it is a key tool federal agencies can use to achieve their disability employment goals.  

    The WRP is run jointly by the U.S. Department of Labor's Office of Disability Employment Policy and the U.S. Department of Defense's Office of Diversity Management & Equal Opportunity.  But, it simply could not operate without the help of volunteer recruiters from across the federal government. 

    WRP recruiters conduct interviews with students at colleges and universities nationwide in order to populate the WRP database, which federal agencies can then access to fill temporary or permanent staffing needs.  These students represent some of the best and brightest on campuses across the country and run the gamut in terms of majors and career interests, from freshman to graduate and law students.  If desired, recruiters can focus on a particular school or area of study. 

    Serving as a WRP recruiter is an easy way to make a significant contribution, to not only the diversity of the federal workforce, but also the lives of young people with disabilities starting out on their career journey.  What's more, it means you get a sneak peek of potential new talent for your agency!  

    To be a recruiter, you must be a federal employee at the GS-9 level or above and be able to complete a brief online training.  Then, during a certain period in the Fall, you will conduct and report on 8 to 10 telephone interviews lasting about 30 minutes each.  The interviews may be done at your convenience and from the comfort of your office.  

    We hope you will consider this opportunity!  

    Register as a WRP recruiter today!

  • 07/23/2015: EEOC Updates Schedule A Series

    The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has updated The ABCs of Schedule A, a series of guides that provide information about the Schedule A appointing authority, which allows for the expedited, non-competitive hiring of qualified individuals with disabilities by federal agencies. The series comprises five guides in total, one each for hiring managers, HR professionals, disability program managers, service providers and applicants with disabilities.  Access the guides.

  • 07/18/2015: Federal News Radio Column Shines a Light on Disability Employment

    Recently, Federal News Radio ran a series on how the federal employment workspace has changed in recent years.  As part of this, Acting Assistant Secretary of Labor for Disability Employment Policy Jennifer Sheehy contributed a column about important shifts in disability employment. Key themes were disability’s integration into the diversity paradigm and an increasing commitment to inclusive policies and practices across the entire employment lifecycle, especially related to reasonable accommodations. Read Why Words Matter When it Comes to Disability Accommodations in Your Office.

  • 07/17/2015: Aggregate ADA25 Events in the Capital Area

    With the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) fast approaching, has compiled a list of celebratory happenings in the Washington, D.C., area, many of them being sponsored by federal agencies and focused on employment.  View the list or submit your own for inclusion. Federal employees not in the Washington, D.C. area can find out about ADA25 events taking place near them through the ADA National Network’s calendar.

  • 07/17/2015: Federal Strategic Planning and Engagement Session Report Now Available

    On May 28, 2015, the Office of Personnel Management, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Department of Labor's Office of Disability Employment Policy hosted the Disability Employment Federal Strategic Planning & Engagement Session—an event designed to help federal stakeholders connect, share best practices and develop an action plan to sustain the progress of Executive Order 13548. The proceedings report from this event is now available. Read the report.

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